Kill the Bill Coalition is a newly formed coalition of groups and individuals concerned with AB 1513- a proposed bill that would change the way evictions happen in the state of California, making it faster and easier for landowners to remove residents from our homes.

We are not professional lobbyists. We are grassroots activists and neighbors who have started meeting and organizing together to protect our rights.

We encourage everyone to read this bill (see full text below- particularly the “Unlawful Occupant Declaration”) and consider what its implications could be if it becomes law.

AB 1513 would create a legal loophole for extra- judicial eviction. Property owners would no longer have to take people to court to have us removed from our houses.

Under changes to law proposed by AB 1513, a property owner who claims that the house was empty of residents at the time they came to own it, can remove all residents who are not specifically named on a lease simply by declaring them to be “Unlawful Occupants” and claiming that they do not have permission to be there. Under AB 1513, this “Unlawful Occupant Declaration” and/or “Declaration of Ownership of Residential Real Property” would be all that is necessary to trigger an “order for immediate possession of the premises” by law enforcement on behalf of the property owner.

One of our major concerns with AB 1513 is that aside from producing a deed, claims made on the Declarations that would trigger immediate removal of residents are entirely “honor system” based for property owners, with no provisions for residents’ due process under law. AB 1513 is intended as primarily an anti-subletter and anti-squatter bill. (While the Declaration of Ownership is geared specifically at squatters, under the Unauthorized Occupant Declaration any residents not specifically named on a lease are potentially subject to AB 1513’s harsh provisions).

Even in cases where AB 1513 should not technically apply, if put on the books, this loophole for extra-judicial eviction will be used and abused. Property owners with unwanted tenants will try it, just to see if it works, and residents who do not know their rights and can not make sense of the legal language will be forcibly removed from their houses without even a day in court.

Kill the Bill Coalition is newly being formed. Again, we are not professional lobbyists. Many of us are directly concerned that we could lose our housing or have a harder time fighting for it if this bill goes through.

AB 1513 is scheduled to be voted on by the Judiciary Committee of the CA State Assembly on either APRIL 22 or APRIL 29. There are ten members of this committee from different parts of the state. If five vote against the bill, it dies right there. We believe that our best chance to kill the bill will be at committee level, before it moves to the Assembly floor.

Time is short. Urgently, Kill the Bill Coalition asks other housing rights groups and progressively minded people to take the following actions in opposition AB 1513 and its proposed changes to eviction law:

-Join the Coalition or provide an endorsement.
-Submit “Oppose Letters” to all members of the Judiciary Committee, particularly if one of the members is a “representative” of your district (see attached page).
-Call all members of the Judiciary Committee and state your opposition to AB 1513 for the record.
-Post and share information on AB 1513. ( killthebillcoalition.com will have an FAQ and other info on AB 1513 up shortly)
-Let us know how we can show solidarity with other housing struggles. Our intention is towards mutual aid and mutual support. If you have actions coming up, we want to come.

Additionally, we invite you to join us at our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 6 PM at Sudo Room in downtown Oakland (2141 Broadway, entrance off 22nd st). Skyping in is possible for anyone interested who is out of town.

Please feel welcome as well to get on our low traffic action-announce email list by emailing
squashab1513@googlegroups.com or getting on our higher traffic online organizing group “Kill the Bill” by sending a request to the Kill the Bill group on the website we.riseup.net . Please feel free to email us directly as well at killthebillcoalition@gmail.com for more info.

In Solidarity,
Kill the Bill Coalition


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