Things You Should Know About AB1513


Yup, under the proposed Assembly Bill 1513

Under current law:

  • property owner has the ability to request removal of trespassers and law enforcement has the discretion to determine if probable cause exists to do so
  • resident who is not determined to be a trespasser has the right to challenge any subsequent eviction

AB 1513:

  • allows property owners to initiate an eviction of residential property by submitting a written declaration to the District Attorney
  • makes such a removal mandatory thus depriving law enforcement of their discretion
  •   deprives residents of their due process rights under state, local, and constitutional law to challenge an eviction prior to their removal from their home


  • landlord files documents to remove you from your house
  • landlord gives the order to the cops
  • cops kick you out from your home without taking you to court (eviction procedure)

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